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TOUR DESCRIPTIONS (Friday, August 9, 2019)


ALL of the following tours will be held on Friday, August 9, 2019 from approximately 9 AM to 4 or 5 PM.

#01 - The “Horsey” Tour
Claiborne Farm, home of Secretariat, unique gift shopping and Bluegrass Boutique Stockyards & Education Center of Kentucky Cattlemen Association. . End this tour with a trip to the world-famous race track, Keeneland.

#02 - The “Bourbon, Frankfort, Capitol of Kentucky & pawpaws” Tour
Tour Bourbon making at Buffalo Trace Brewery, observe the Kentucky state capitol as well as other Frankfort scenery, and visit Kentucky State University, a land-grant university. Visit the university's research and demonstration farm to learn about the oldest fruit of the Appalachian region, the pawpaw

#03 -  The “Foodie” Tour
Visit one of Kentucky’s oldest farms that is now one of the largest organic farms in Kentucky, Elmwood Stock farm. This regional farm is established as an organic meat, vegetable and egg farm that offers on-farm sales and supplies many regional restaurants, farm markets, and has a CSA subscription service.

The tour will continue to the Food Chain, which supplies fish and some salads to the Smithtown Restaurant where the group will eat; enjoy cuisine from Chef Quita Michel, the region’s most famous chef. The final stop will be at the Food Connection which connects farm to food for the general public.

#04 - The “History” Tour: Shakertown & Fort Harrod, Kentucky
Explore two Kentucky settlements that helped grow Kentucky. Historic Shakertown and Fort Harrod. Shakertown is a religious settlement and Fort Harrod was a settlement established by Daniel Boone.