Mission-Vision-Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle #8


We embrace and celebrate the inherent uniqueness of every human within our global community.

Not long before catapulting into my IFYE experience, I was told this analogy: "Right now, you live among circles. You're a circle. Your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers on the street are all circles. Where you're headed is the land of the squares. Everyone you meet will be a square. And, as you spend more time in the land of the squares, your circular shape will start to have edges and points.  Then you'll travel to meet the triangles, and your shape becomes a little more disorientated. When you finally come back to live among circles, your edges might smooth out a "tick," but you'll always be wavy a "tish" and not quite like the rest." 

Initially, I was terrified of changing too much. Who would Hannah be by the end of my IFYE experience? Would I recognize her? As my experience went along,  I realized that the points and edges that started forming, were right there under the surface the whole time, just waiting to reveal themselves.

Hannah Nordby, Thailand 2018

IFYE is an experience that helped me create who I am today.

  • Embracing each day, celebrating the small and big wins along the way.
  • Witnessing firsthand the traditions and everyday routines of those around the world

They inspired me then, as much as they do now, as I continue to grow.

IFYE fosters a community that embraces and celebrates the inherent uniqueness of every human being within our global community

Hannah Nordby
North Dakota to Taiwan/Thailand 2018