Mission-Vision-Guiding Principles

IFYE Mission/Goals/Objectives and Guiding Principles


The IFYE Program Mission, Goals, and Objectives are designed to accomplish our motto of “Peace Through Understanding.”


The IFYE Association of the USA, Inc. conducts international exchange programs and cross-cultural education while promoting global awareness.


  • Provide world understanding through cultural exchange opportunities.
  • Promote intercultural exchange programs for young adults ages 19 – 30.
  • Provide financial support for approximately 85% of the program cost.
  • Provide National Orientation for both outbound and inbound IFYEs.
  • Provide recognition to groups and individuals who further global awareness.
  • Create and maintain an international network for global understanding.


  • To provide the opportunity for young adults and families of other cultures to establish close relationships through people-to-people encounters in host family experiences.
  • To provide the opportunity for young adults to learn, appreciate, understand and evaluate their own culture and another culture.
  • To develop cross-cultural understanding by providing the opportunity for young adults to realistically perceive themselves and their role as an individual within their own society and culture.
  • To strengthen families through family communication and interaction.
  • To be a catalyst for self-discovery and life-changing experiences.

Guiding Principles:

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Guiding Principle #1
Encourage and provide lifelong learning and opportunities for adventure through quality and innovative program leadership.
Guiding Principle #2 Cultural immersion, through a two-way exchange, is the foundation of our program to promote international understanding and global awareness.
Guiding Principle #3
We believe that multiple host family stays enhance life skills, development, and global citizenship. 
Guiding Principle #4 We believe our collective experiences as IFYEs, host families and friends make us family who care about each other and give us an appreciation of the world-wide definitions of family.
Guiding Principle #5
We believe in developing global citizenship through cultural inclusiveness, diversity, knowledge, and openness to advance global awareness and world peace.
Guiding Principle #6  We believe the IFYE experience provides the participant with leadership development opportunities which will enhance his/her capacity to have a major positive impact as a citizen of the USA and the world.
Guiding Principle #7 We embrace unique cultural circumstances which push participants to greater personal awareness and growth.
Guiding Principle #8 We embrace and celebrate the inherent uniqueness of every human within our global community.
Guiding Principle #9  9. We value honesty, integrity, and trust as essentials of teamwork, personal relationships and leadership.
Guiding Principle #10 1We believe stakeholder involvement is critical to the development and growth of the program and organization.
Guiding Principle #11  We value the connection between agricultural-based learning opportunities and how they impact the world.
Guiding Principle #12 We value individual ownership and commitment to the success of the IFYE program.


Participants are expected to share their own culture while learning about that of the host countries.  They are expected to be real players in enhancing global awareness and understanding.

Nondiscriminatory Policy  

The Association shall make its services, facilities, and programs available to all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender, gender variance, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or national origin.