Mission-Vision-Guiding Principles

IFYE Mission/Vision Statement and Guiding Principles


Mission Statement:

The IFYE Association of the USA, Inc. conducts international exchange programs and cross-cultural education while promoting global awareness.

Vision Statement:

A world in which all people are globally aware and co-exist with peaceful understanding in thriving diverse communities that affirm the value of all.

Guiding Principles:

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Guiding Principle #1
We seek to encourage and provide lifelong learning and opportunities for adventure through quality and innovative program leadership.
Guiding Principle #2 We believe that cultural immersion through a two-way exchange is the foundation of our program to promote international understanding and global awareness.
Guiding Principle #3
We believe that multiple host family stays enhance life skills development and global citizenship. 
Guiding Principle #4 We believe our collective experiences as IFYEs, host families and friends make us family who care about each other and give us an appreciation of the world-wide definitions of family.
Guiding Principle #5
We believe in developing global citizenship through cultural inclusiveness, diversity, knowledge and openness to advance global awareness and world peace!
Guiding Principle #6  We believe the IFYE experience provides the participant with leadership development opportunities which will enhance his/her capacity to have a major positive impact as a citizen of the USA and the world.
Guiding Principle #8 We embrace unique cultural circumstances which push participants to greater personal awareness and growth. 
Guiding Principle #8 We embrace and celebrate the inherent uniqueness of every human within our global community. 
Guiding Principle #9  We value honesty, integrity and trust as essentials of teamwork, personal relationships and leadership
Guiding Principle #10 We believe stakeholder involvement is critical to the development and growth of the program and organization
Guiding Principle #11  We value the connection between agricultural-based learning opportunities and how they impact the world. 
Guiding Principle #12 We value individual ownership and commitment to the success of the IFYE program.