Ways to Give

Corporate Sponsorship


The IFYE Association appreciates the support of corporate partners — the many United States businesses and International companies that contribute to our mission every day as well as to the lives of our young adult participants. Many supporters wish to direct their sponsorship to a specific IFYE program or event that directly meets their corporate social responsibility goals.

Today, corporations measure philanthropic success not just by the resources they provide, but also by what their charitable giving achieves.

Cause Marketing

Cause-related programs benefit the IFYE Association while offering companies a marketing tool to reach their target market and link them to our mission. We can work with you to develop programs that align with your business and marketing goals through such methods as product-based programs, percentage of sales, and grassroots fundraising.


IFYE Association has opportunities for employees to get involved in their local communities to support our mission.

Media Partnerships

Through television, radio, billboards, or social media, sponsors can help build awareness and support from the public — another essential means of support.

If your corporate mission aligns with IFYE, we would be happy to discuss a partnership to make these or other sponsor opportunities a win/win for both of us. Contact us with your questions by submitting the form below.

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