Foreign Exchange Program

IFYE National Standards For Outbound Applicants


View/Download/Print a copy of the IFYE National Standards For Outbound USA IFYE Applicants listed below.

  • Must be mature young adults, age 19 and over, with at least a high school education.
  • Must be willing and able to devote time and energy to the study of both USA and host country geography, history, culture, and agriculture  as well as being aware of current state, national, and world events.
  • A willingness to learn other languages is highly recommended of representatives who travel to countries where English is not the official language.
  • Have previous experience away from home to reduce the likelihood of homesickness.
  • Understand that our country partners are rural based.  Knowledge of rural life is helpful.  Experience and knowledge of some of your state rural organizations and their educational activities are helpful.
  • Demonstrate a sincere interest in understanding other people, rather than enforcing your own point of view.
  • Must be alert, sincere, and have a friendly attitude.  Realize that some difficulties are to be expected.  Must exercise emotional restraint.
  • Understand, sign, and follow the IFYE Code of Conduct and the IFYE participation agreement.
  • IFYE Representatives will be notified of final host country assignment(s) by March 1, or as soon as feasible possible in cooperation with the Host Country Coordinators, State IFYE Coordinators, the IFYE Representative and the IFYE National Program Director.
  • Must attend the National IFYE Orientation and Debriefing events.
  • The IFYE National Program Director will coordinate roundtrip domestic and international travel from the participant’s home to the IFYE National Orientation, host country, IFYE National Debriefing, and return home
  • No extension of travel will be approved. Free time will only apply to six-month participants.  Approximately 10 days free time will be available between the first and second host countries where applicable. Expenses during available free time will be the responsibility of the IFYE Representative.  IFYE Representatives shall inform the Host Country Coordinator, IFYE State Coordinator, and IFYE National Program Director of their travel arrangements and schedule during their free time.
  • Representative must report back to the IFYE National Program Director and the state IFYE Coordinator (where appropriate) every three weeks with news article, photos, blog, Instagram, Twitter, etc. appropriate for publication. It is important to post photos and messages on IFYE USA on Facebook and also on IFYE Exchange Alum and Friends on Facebook. Outbound IFYE Representatives can communicate with this social media as many IFYE Alumni are on Facebook.
  • Must be willing, upon return home, to promote the IFYE program through twenty-five (25) speaking engagements over the course of one year.  (States may have differing, more stringent requirements.)   During these speaking engagements to such groups as Lions Club, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, corporations, etc. please include a paragraph (provided by the IFYE Association of the USA, Inc.) about fundraising. The presentations may include television/radio spots, newspaper articles, blogs, recruiting sessions at national/regional meetings (e.g. NAE4HYPD, Alpha Gamma Rho/Sigma Alpha Leadership Conference, and other similar events).
  • The IFYE Representative is encouraged to attend the National IFYE Conference following the return from the exchange program. Up to a two hundred-dollar ($200) scholarship (per individual), not to exceed actual costs, is available to help offset the cost of attendance. This is available for use once during the first five years after the representative’s return.
  • It is encouraged to join the IFYE Association of the USA, Inc. and your state IFYE Association.
  • Agreements (IFYE Code of Conduct, IFYE Outbound Participation Agreement, IFYE National Standards) between the IFYE National Program Director and the IFYE Representative shall be signed by both parties.

Reviewed/Updated August 29, 2022