Become a Host Family

Hosting a Person from Another Land


Being a host family to an IFYE from another country is an experience that will last all your life.

Each year, the IFYE Program brings young people from around the globe to experience life in the United States. As members of American families, they experience the American way of life and share their own culture in countless ways. It is truly an unforgettable experience.

It is an experience that will change your life and open a brand new world to a young person from overseas. You and your family can join in this unique adventure by becoming a host family. All it takes is a warm heart, an open house, and a zest for international family living experiences.

Host families are as diverse as America itself; they come from all nationalities and religious backgrounds. Some families have children, others do not; some are affluent, others come from modest (average) circumstances. They may be rural, suburban, or city dwellers - but they all have an interest in learning more about the world and about themselves.