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2023 IFYE Donors

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2023 was a successful year for fundraising among IFYE Alumni and friends of IFYE in our 75th year of IFYE (1948-2023). This donor roll includes the recurring/periodic giving, grants, memorials and in honor of individuals, conference donations, CLUB 75, 75th Anniversary and Celebration donations, and other donations that helped support our IFYE program. 

These contributions play a major role in sustaining the IFYE program and allow us to continue to provide today’s young adults with a valuable and unique experience in international understanding and global awareness. 

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that we share our heartfelt Thank You to all who contributed this past calendar year. We hope that you will continue to help sustain IFYE with your annual contributions and encourage other IFYE alumni and friends of IFYE to do likewise.

Listed below are the names of those who contributed (excluding names of those who requested to remain anonymous) depicted by level of giving as shown here. 

Individuals in whose names the donations were made either 'In Memory of' or 'In Honor of' a friend or loved one are also listed below. Thank you again for your faithful support of IFYE!

Diamond: $25,000 and above Ruby: $20,000 - $24,999 Emerald: $15,000 - $19,999
Sapphire: $10,000 - $14,999 Platinum: $5,000 - $9,999 Gold: $1,000 - $4,999
Silver: $500 - $999 Bronze: $100 - $499 Copper: Up to $99

$25,000 and Above

No donations

$20,000 - $24,999

No donations

$15,000 - $19,999

No donations

$10,000 - 14,999

The Brandt Foundation                                                                                         Gunver Penton-Lodge

$5,000 - $9,999

Compeer Financial David G Gnirk Marjorie M Loyd
Dr Barbara G Maidment Patti Jo Price Sheri Swackhamer

$1,000 - $4,999

Allied Milk Producers
   Cooperative, Inc.
Don R Anderson Janice "Joy" Bickford Dorothy Bickling
William "Brad" F Bradley, Jr Ann Bryant Elizabeth "Liz" H Carlson Maureen L Cook
Patrick W Corcoran Anna L Creamer Linda L Eppelheimer Margaret L Foster
Ann Foley Gardner Elnore Grow Lad W Harrison Karla A Henderson
Illinois Corn Marketing
Dan L James Robert and Nicki Jenkins Kenneth D Jones
Lucille "Lucy" and
   Stanton Linden
Nancy A Maxwell-Rich Robert H Miller Harlen J Persinger
Dr Marla P Peterson Jacquelyn Richey Rudolph K Schnabel Ron and Melanie Warfield
Mabel and Steve Wheeler Sarah Ann Whitmore Dale E Wicke Hank L Wicke
Joan Wieckert Ray D William Janet S Wood Norma L Wu

$500 - $999

Ruth B Drummond Jane and William Ebert Jane and William
Robert E Ellis
Janet C Floeter H Frank "Harry"
Carolyn S Hansen Richard and Judy
Alan and Christy Ladd Susan J Lindeman Ernst and Janice Mehl Susan K Morris
Janice Mouton Douglas C Nelson Carolyn D Olson James B Pendleton
Nancy Schmidt Bonnie Schneider-Mielke Steven F Schomberg Roger A Sherer
Jo Ann and Tom Trail Doreen A Van Sickle Victoria F Warren Elaine E Wolff
Dale B Yonker


$100 - $499

Anonymous (3) Curtis W Absher Barbara Austin Aldean Banker
Cindy E Barnett Barbara and Norman Bauer Johnita L Baumgardner Margery A Bayless
Judy Bell Big River Resources
   Galva, LLC
Beverly Boesch Jean Boor
Georgene M Bordeau
Jennifer A Boruch Mark K Bowen William R Brown
Lee Hood Capps Glen J Chenhall Harlan G Copeland Phyllis Debnar
Catherine M Dill Patricia E Donahue Jewell Deene Ellis Lynette L Ely
Marilyn A Engle Bernard "Bernie" S Erven Jacqueline Evenson Ronald C Faas
Adrienne S Fiske Anona "Noni" and Delbert
John and Karen Garduno Rodney H Garnett
Shirley H Gerken Barbara and Bob Gershman Evelyn M Graef Stephanie K Graham-Esparza
Rosanne Hahn Larry B Hancock David S Harrison Barbara Harzman
Dorothy Haskell Chhuy Elaine B Hatch JoAnne Havelka Deborah and George Haynes
Audrey M Hay Marge Hennenfent Hope E and John Heslop Geoffrey L Hockman
Larry L Holbein Barbara B Horning Kraig E Humbaugh Patricia Hutsell
AK Kissell Helen E Koehler Rev. Larry J and Sharon
   "Sherry" Kuntz
John Labrie
Jonathan C Lang Van J Larson Marcia S Latta Genevieve C Lervik
Jerry L Mark Samuel J McMillan Roger L McCoy McLean Co. Alumni
   Timeless Clovers
Paul H Miller Karen Mosteller Mary Kay Munson Nyla B Musser
Linda and Wayne Nierman Barbara and Charles Oldham Nellie J Oehler Jean D Owen
Roger C Pine Norma A Pitts Dwight Quisenberry Tracy V Remy
Nachelle "Shelly" E Richard Janet I Rodekohr Sage Rodgers Donald F Seaman
Sharon Sharrett-Hasson Alvin J Sherman Donn S Smith Joelle L Snyder
Mary E Steinberg Jean L Stewart William J Stroman Georgia B Thompson
Thrivent/Your Cause/
Catherine M Ursprung Jayne Viherek-Brown Verla Vogts
Larry L Wachtel Deryl E Waldren Sylvia Walters-Drake Susan K Walters
M Brooks and
   Mary Rose Whitney
Paul H Wiley Larry C Wood Holly Yoder
Ann Zurmuehlen


$10 - $99

Anonymous (4) Myra Jean Anderson Amy Ando Renee Applegate
Anette Baron William H Bohl Carolyn L Clague Sherry K Conrad
Cathleen H Cummings Donald Deweese D Warren and Geraldine
Marilyn Drake
Margaret E Fain Keith D Ferris Grace and Brian Funk Rodney L Henderson
Bev K Hornickel Betsy Inkel Donald B Kelso Dawne S Ladeas
Lillian Larwood Katharine Leavitt Betsy and Allan Lines Richard and Carol Lines
Hayley Jo Matson-Mathes Carol and Richard Meyer Ruth Ann Noble Mike and SB Nolan
Stephen J Pontzer Linda A Pursley Jean "Jeanne" H Rider Ardyce Roehr
Laura A Schick Marvin Carl Schulz Betty Jo Smith-Roberts Joyce Smith
Squad Locker John N Stitzlein Patricia Sullivan-Schroyer Florine Swanson
Thrivent Phyllis L Torrey Eleanor L Wilson

Donations listed above include those made
'In Memory of'
and 'In Honor of '
the following individuals:

Eldon "Bud" and
   Virginia Aupperle
Ruth Drummond Kenneth "Ken" Holton Heikki Huttunen
Katri Ainikki
   Hellaakoski Kiviranta
Linda Labrie Elizabeth "Beth" Pond Natalie Riecks
Catherine Smith Melvin J Thompson Thomas "Tom" Trail John Werner

Donations listed above include those made to the
'Tribute Tables at the 75th Anniversary Celebration in October 2023'

and 'In Honor of ' the following individuals:

1948 IFYEs 1961 Iowa IFYEs Ed Aiton Eldon "Bud" Aupperle
Ed Bishop John T Capps III Bea Cleveland Stan Davidson
Gloria Eichor Bob Ellis Lindsay Ferris Mary Corcoran Harp
Donald Herr Eric Holm Mary "Peg" Hoffmann Lenoir Co. NC IFYEs
Jim Marquand Hon. Elaine Folks Capps
John Martin Shirley Holmes Mills
Betsy Hurtt Moore Past and Present New
   England IFYEs
Cathy Cox Pepple Annabel Rupel
A Hope Shackelford Reginald Stroud Dick and Mary Lou
Melvin J Thompson
Clareta Walker Lyle Arthur Warren Mary Wengryn John Werner
Hugh Wetzel

May 3, 2024