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Your gift will help ensure that a new generation of young adults will have a chance to discover a life-changing experience.

Your donations will help us to fund both Outbound and Inbound programs. As the world becomes a more global community, the need for young adults to become increasingly culturally cognizant is more important than ever.  We count on donations from Annual and Life Members financially to keep IFYE strong.

There are two ways you can donate: Online or by mail.

  • Donate online: Fill out the form below. You can choose a one-time donation or an automatic recurring donation - monthly, semiannually, or annually. You will receive an email confirmation immediately upon submission.
  • Donate by Mail:  Click here.

Annual Membership.Donation

  • Is automatically awarded to any individual making a donation of $30 or more.
  • Current Life Members - No Annual Membership fee donation is required. All continued donations appreciated.

Life Membership/Donation

  • Awarded with any single donation of $1000+.  No annual membership donation required.
  • For program returnees within the past 10 years of return (Please contact Roger Sherer, Associate Treasurer ( for more information.
  • You can pay installments with the installment plan to be completed by 12/31/2028.

Your entire donation is tax deductible. IFYE is an 501(c)(3) organization.


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