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UPDATES from Missouri & IFYE Assn BOD (as of SEPTEMBER 11, 2021)


(September 11, 2021)

Hello IFYE Friends,

We are anxiously awaiting your arrival to the national conference in Branson; but first, a few items have been brought to our attention that we need to address.

  • International Banquet - The Saturday evening event will be the traditional “International Banquet”. We encourage you to wear your international clothing and since the evening event is our closing, we would appreciate any other dress apparel to be business casual. Not that this is a requirement, but a suggestion.
  • Donation to Elevate Branson - Remember, that we are also collecting winter hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, etc. for the Elevate Branson folks. This donation will be delivered by the Tour 3 group on Friday of conference.
  • Need transportation help? Roger McCoy has graciously agreed to try to help folks co-ordinate transportation between the airports and hotel. You will need to contact Roger and he has promised to try to help.   Email –  or 816.807.7006 or work 888.446.1699.
  • Silent and Live Auctions - Don't forget those silent and/or live auction items to help raise funds for the IFYE program.
    Suggested items include: Themed basket: by state, region, country, wines, regional foods, travel items, etc.  Individual items could include:  new items from your area or country -- wines, regional foods, pictures, etc.  
    Please include: 
              A written description of individual items OR list the contents of the basket
             The approximate fair market value
             The donor’s name.
  • Shipping items - Some have asked if they can mail or ship their items to the hotel and the answer is YES! Here is what you need to do. Put your name on the mailing label along with the hotel’s address Radisson Hotel Branson, 120 South Wildwood Drive, Branson, MO  65616. The staff would appreciate it if you would let them know you are shipping something. Call 417.335.5767 and ask for the sales office to give them your information. The staff will hold your package and have it ready for you upon arrival.
  • Weather - The weather is guaranteed to be Missouri weather – unpredictable! It may be sunny, hot and humid or sunny and cool or rainy … just be prepared. As at any hotel, the air conditioning and air flow may lead you to want a sweater or jacket!
  • COVID - On a final note … COVID numbers have been decreasing; however, we cannot guarantee they will stay that way. So pack your trusty masks! Some venues may require or strongly request that you wear a mask. We will do our best to socially distance.

If you have any questions, please contact Delbert ( or Faye ( .

See you in a couple of weeks


(September 01, 2021)



(August 17, 2021)

Dear IFYE Conference Attendee(s),

In recent weeks, we have received a number of messages pertaining to the National IFYE Conference. Some urged us to cancel the conference while others said they hoped we would not cancel. 

Two weeks ago, a message was sent explaining that it was too early to make that decision. In the message we promised to monitor the situation for a couple of weeks and communicate again.

Will the conference be cancelled?  
Yesterday, both the Executive Committee and the IFYE Board of Directors met. The conference was part of our agenda. Both Executive Committee and the Board of Directors unanimously voted to hold the conference as scheduled. The situation in Missouri seems to be stable and Missouri has no hotspot advisory for Branson and the county in which it is located. The hotel requires all staff to be masked and has a stringent cleaning protocol. The conference does not begin until five weeks from this coming Thursday. We will continue to monitor the situation and, if a change becomes necessary, we will inform you. 

Will masks be required/mandated? 
We urge all attendees to bring masks and to protect themselves by wearing a mask if concerned for their health.  

You may cancel your registration for a refund minus a $20 processing fee until midnight August 21, 2021.

We hope to see you there. but do understand that everyone's situation is different. Stay safe. 

In the IFYE Spirit,

Janet Dennis Wood, President 
The IFYE Association of the USA, Inc.


(August 02, 2021)

Dear IFYE Conference Attendee,

In the last few days, new COVID cases have increased in several states. The IFYE Executive Committee and the Missouri Conference Committee have started receiving inquiries regarding our plans for issuing safety guidelines for the conference.  While it is still more than two weeks until our deadline to cancel reservations and receive a refund and more than seven (7) weeks until the conference, the Executive Committee of the IFYE Board of Directors met to review the latest COVID situation. Our conference hotel currently has a mask requirement for all staff and adheres to rigid cleaning protocols. The Executive Committee is not making any recommendations or changes at this time, but will meet again no later than August 18th to revisit the status of the COVID numbers/spread and the possible impact to our Branson conference.  We urge everyone to consider what is best for you and your health as well as that of your family. We will provide an update before August 20th so that you may cancel if you feel it is prudent. 

In the Spirit of IFYE,

Jan Wood, President, 
The IFYE Association of the USA, Inc.


(July 01, 2021)

THANK YOU to those 100 individuals on Early Bird Registration and to the others who have registered full-time and part-time since then. We look forward to seeing you and other forthcoming registrants in September.

TOUR REGISTRATIONS:  If you have not registered for a tour and wish to do so at this time, please note that the tours are all limited to 50 capacity on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you are already registered for conference, but now wish to register for a tour, please use the SUPPLEMENTAL registration form on the main registration page..

2021 is the 200th Year of Missouri Statehood.  

The following national performers will be in Branson between Sept 21 and 27.

  • The Oak Ridge Boys - Sept. 22 at 8:00 PM 
  • The Texas Tenors - Sept. 21 at 7:30 PM and Sept. 22 & 24 at 2:00 PM
  • Jimmy Fortune - Sept. 23 at 3:00 PM
  • Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee - Sept. 26 at 7:30 PM and Sept 27 at 2:00 PM

             For Tickets:
             Oak Ridge Boys or Jimmy Fortune:  Call Mansion Theater (417-335-2000)
             Mickey GIlley/Johnny Lee or The Texas Tenors    Call Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai (417-336-0888)

If any group (year, country or state) wants to plan an off-site noon luncheon on either Thursday or Saturday and needs help in locating a gathering place, please contact  Delbert ( assist you.

Delbert Frericks and Faye Worley
2021 IFYE National Conference - Branson, Missouri