Foreign Exchange Program

To become a 2023 IFYE:

  • You will be expected to be an active participant as a member of your host family.
  • Successful participants must be able to think on their feet and represent themselves and their country positively.
  • You must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Application, interview, orientation, and debriefing required.
  • Participation fee is $3,750 for the two- or three-month program. Participant fee is $5,000 for the six-month program.
  • Scholarships may be available through your state. Please check with National Program Director, Alan Lambert ( for this availability.

   2023 IFYE Program Dates: To be announced at a later date

  • June: IFYE Orientation in Washington, D.C. (two-, summer & fall three-, and six-month programs)
  • June: Begin summer two-month, summer three-month and six-month programs
  • August: End of two-month summer program
  • September: End of three-month summer program 
  • September: Debriefing for two- and three-month summer programs
  • September: Begin fall three-month program
  • December: Ending of fall three-month and six-month programs
  • December: Debriefing for fall three-month program and six-month program

       Further information can be obtained from

  • Checking other information /links under “Foreign Exchange Programs” on this website (see links on left),
  • Alan Lambert, IFYE National Program Director, or 605-366-6107.