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Victoria Warren, IFYE President

Immediate Past President - Victoria Warren


Victoria Fehrmann Warren officially joined the Board in 2016 as President. Her masters in Community Development with specializations in Youth Agency Administration and International Development provides insights into the dimensions of community and how people must work across them. Her 32-year career in public health has focused on the political, social and human capitals that lead to healthy communities.

Victoria’s internship for her masters was with 4-H international and IFYE. She has been active with the Missouri IFYE Association since her return as an IFYE to Germany in 1978 and served as volunteer state IFYE coordinator several times. She has been a consistent volunteer for IFYE and 4-H international programs: conducting interviews, planning and implementing orientations and debriefings, recruiting host families, and planning activities for inbound participants.

Victoria brings to the Board: skills in “big picture” thinking, program development, training, health education and communications, administration and management, supervision, team building, grant writing and budgeting. She has managed major public health grants totaling up to $100 M annually, staff development, reporting at both federal and state levels, and working collaboratively with public, private, and non-profit partners.

Victoria has perspectives from a variety of International experiences in addition to IFYE. She studied and became friends with many international students and has worked for many years with public health professionals from a variety of countries and continents including China, Pakistan, Japan, and Africa. She has hosted IFYEs and other short-term international delegates and participated in a short-term mission trip to Guatemala.

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