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Farm Bill Congressional Listening Session

Waco, Texas
March 15, 2023


Melissa Haberstroh, IFYE National Program Director, and Stephanie Graham (SC to Costa Rica 1993) attended the Farm Bill Congressional Listening Session in Waco, TX on March 15, 2023. Melissa was able to address the Listening Panel on behalf of IFYE.

Participating in the listening panel were Representatives: Committee Chair Glenn “G.T." Thompson (PA-15), Vice Chair Austin Scott (GA-08), Jasmine Crockett (TX-30), Cat Cammack (FL-03), Ronnie Jackson (TX-13), Pete Sessions (TX-17), Jim Baird (IN-04), and Tracey Mann (KS-01). Also participating was American Farm Bureau Federation President, Zippy Duvall.

Click the video play button below to listen to her statement.

Click Chairman Glenn "GT" Thompson Hosts Bipartisan Farm Bill Listening Session in Waco, Texas to watch the entire listening session.