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Connecting to our 2022 Inbounds’ and Outbounds’ Experiences


2022 Inbound and Outbound IFYE Program
The 2022 IFYE orientation was held mid-June in Washington, D.C. for 17 outbound and eight inbound IFYEs. They all have now completed their first host family stay.

Outbounds - Ten IFYEs will return to Washington, D.C. for debriefing September 10-12; the other seven will return in December. When the IFYEs return home, ask them to share their experiences with you, your family, and/or your community. For more information, contact IFYE's National Program Director at (210) 816-1114.

Inbounds - Fourteen (14) Inbound IFYEs from six countries (Austria, Germany, South Korea, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Wales) are being hosted in 11 states (CO, IA, IL, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH and SD). For more information on becoming a host family, visit Host Family FAQs on the IFYE website.

Following our IFYEs on their experiences

Want to follow our 2022 outbound IFYEs and their adventures this summer? Here is where current outbound IFYEs are found on social media.

2022 IFYE Inbounds & Outbounds
2022 IFYE Inbounds & Outbounds

Back, L to R: Alec Dompka, North Carolina to Austria; Jackson Tubbs, Iowa to Germany; Marit Hovey, Iowa to Germany, Johari Snell, Missouri to Slovenia and Fall - Thailand; Dexter Lynch, Michigan to Switzerland; Sanders Barbee, Kansas to Morocco, Catherine (Catie) Wolyn, Colorado to Wales & Finland; Phillip Wessel, Illinois to Germany; Cora Rhode, Colorado to Switzerland & Devon County, England.

Middle: Ose Bastian, Germany to Missouri; Laura Emmert, Germany to Kansas; Julia Kolb, Germany to Minnesota; Carly Claucherty, Michigan to Germany (Fall); Christiane Sackl, Austria to Michigan; Anne Thompson, Michigan to S. Korea; Martina Christen, Switzerland to North Dakota; Sarah Liepold, Colorado to Wales; Rebecca Pratt, Illinois to Norway & Thailand.

Front: Gyuho Lee, S. Korea to Illinois; Luka Backhus, Germany to South Dakota; Josie Noland, Iowa to Germany; Rachel Gray, North Carolina to Germany, Chowon Kim, S. Korea to Michigan; Sophie Cole, South Dakota to Austria; Traci Ross, Kansas to Norway.

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