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The BRANDT Foundation Awards Grant to IFYE USA


In December 2022, The BRANDT Foundation published their Winter 2022 Grants Spotlight outlining five grants they awarded to a variety of charitable organizations. One of the grants was awarded to IFYE USA. Below is an excerpt from their Grants Spotlight.

"The IFYE Association of the USA - The BRANDT Foundation grant will be used to help fund the international agriculture education
exchange program, which provides young adults with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of their work through international
exchange and cultural immersion. Since IFYE was established, it has helped place young adults in more than 90 countries. This unique
program provides participants, who might not otherwise complete a traditional exchange program through a university, the opportunity to develop foreign language skills and learn innovative Ag methods, while also building high-value skills like communication, critical thinking, inclusiveness, and cultural understanding."

To learn more about the five grants they awarded, click The BRANDT Foundation Grants Spotlight Winter 2022.

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