Become a Host Family

We hosted several youth from Japan and Taiwan over the years. We were so blessed and our lives enriched from expanding our borders. Each one of the kids gave us a special time. Even though we spoke none of their language, we were able to communicate.  All our children are gone from home so we prefer not to host the younger ones any more but I would encourage every family to do this at least once, and it gets better every time you host, It is such a wonderful experience. It is a wonderful opportunity to have your own family learn about different cultures and the world around us. We need to share our world with them too, and what better way than to invite them into our home and make them part of our family.

Because of hosting and then visiting Japan, our son now lives there and works at an extreme sports camp called Northstar. Although he is far away, we know he is where God wants him to be and he is loving his life there and now has a family there also.

Steve and Marla Jean from South Dakota

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