Become a Host Family

 Our experiences as a host family have been phenomenal. We have hosted the following:  Philippe of Belgium, 1978;  Niwes of Thailand in 1980; Anne of Norway in 1981; Hilary Taggart of Ireland in 1983; Christine of Belgium in 1984; Jose of Portugal in 1985; Rachel of the United Kingdom in 1986; Vincent  of Belgium in 1987; Christa of Switzerland in 1987; Feng- Mao, Chuang of Taiwan in 2009; and Kun-Yu  from Taiwan in 2012.  We also hosted many others through NACEL and other exchange programs.

l. First benefit was the interaction with our two daughters as they grew up.  They learned to accept people who spoke differently.  They learned about these many countries by map, etc.

2.  As a result, one daughter was an IFYE to Taiwan in 1988 and later taught in Thailand.

3.  Both daughters expanded their horizons by doing MUCH travel all over the world.

4.  We have visited Norway, Ireland, Switzerland and Thailand to visit these exchangees and likewise, they have visited us many times.  Our home is always open to strangers from every country.  I have compiled a scrapbook over the many years to re-live these memories.

Sheryn and Duane from South Dakota

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