Become a Host Family

Host Sibling Evaluation


We appreciate your contribution to hosting your IFYE Representative. We would like your feedback about how you felt the hosting experience affected you, and what you think about hosting or traveling as an IFYE Representative. Each sibling may fill out their own evaluation, or you may combine all the siblings' responses.

(We would like the host parents to help younger host siblings fill out this form so we can get all family members' view on the experience. Thank you!)

Please answer the questions below as completely as possible by clicking the circle to the left of the appropriate rating or typing in your response in the text fields provided. The questions and statements marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Were you excited to be hosting an international visitor?
Did you have any special challenges or problems?
Would you like to be a host again?
Would you be interested in traveling as an IFYE representative in the future?

Thank you for taking part as a host for the IFYE organization.

Reviewed/Updated  September 1, 2022