Foreign Exchange Program

Foreign Exchange Participant Fees


Program participation fees are only a small part of the total cost of an IFYE exchange program.  The IFYE Alumni Association underwrites approximately 85% of the total costs.

Each applicant is required to submit a $50 non refundable initial application fee at the time of the initial application completion.  

Following the acceptance of the initial application  and the $50 non-refundable fee, the applicant will be contacted by the National Program Director to complete the supplemental interview and the additional $100 non-refundable application fee. The interview and selection process will follow.  Once completed, country assignments will be made and agreed upon. 

The following is the program fee schedule for 2019 programs. The total non-refundable Participant fee is $3,000.00 for both the three- and six-month programs.


  • $50 initial application fee (due upon submission of application)
  • $100 supplemental application fee (due upon submission of application)
  • Upon selection, the remaining $2,850 program fee can be paid in full or a payment schedule can be arranged with the National Program Director.

Please note: The application process remains open until all slots are filled. Please contact Alan Lambert, IFYE National Program Director at 605-366-6107 or by email to learn about available openings/slots or with questions about the program.

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