Foreign Exchange Program

Jarrod Young - IFYE Participant - Estonia, Part 3

October 2018


This is Part 3 of Jarrod Young's IFYE Experience detailing his travels in October 2018.

Tricked some people into letting me help out at a dairy. Once again I am having a great time being under qualified. Thanks for sending me here IFYE of Ohio!

The Old Believers are an extremely small (and shrinking) sect of Russian Orthodox Christians. I visited the largest Old Believers Church in Estonia with this lovely lady. She didn't speak any English but my host Mom translated. When I asked about pictures she said I had to "remember the look of it with my eyes."

The relics are from my host's private collection that has been passed down from the most prominent iconographer who happened to be a member of the family. I'm grateful to have met her and experienced her faith firsthand.

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