Foreign Exchange Program

Jarrod Young - IFYE Participant - Estonia, Part 1

September 2018


This is Part 1 of Jarrod Young's IFYE Experience detailing his travels in Estonia last month.

To think that last week I was sitting in my basement binge watching Netflix ALL day and now I'm foraging for mushrooms in an Estonian forest with a guy I just met who's favorite "Swedish Metalcore" band is called "Birdflesh." Without a doubt one of the best days of my life and it couldn't have happened without IFYE.

Franzia is both an inexpensive wine and a really quality restaurant in Estonia. I spent the day with the less popular but undoubtedly better of the two today. I loved cooking with my man Sasha!

I almost forgot about the mushrooms from yesterday. They became risotto sauces, that thing with cheese, and pickles. Bonus pics of stuff I cooked.

Last day studying in Rondeel. Met some amazing people and hope to come see them again! It's (the restaurant) amazing. The best in the city. I'm told it's one of the best in the country as well.

Managed to sneak one more day in Rondeel. So happy I got to learn from everyone there and at Franzia. Made those Crème Brûlées for my host family. How'd I do?

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