Foreign Exchange Program


Stephan Rolle

IFYE 2023 Outbound Stephan Rolle

IFYE 2023 Outbound Stephan Rolle

Georgia to Germany (Summer)

Halle Foundation Representative

Current Status/Future Goals:

  • Seeking a degree in Agricultural Education with a minor in African American Studies.
  • Plans to seek master’s and doctoral degrees in Agricultural and Environmental Science Education.
  • Plans to work with the University System as a 4-H District Program Development Coordinator, Extension Director, and/or State Leader.

Previous International Experience(s): 

  • Tourist travel to the Bahamas and Canada.

Ag-Related Experience(s):

  • Floriculture interest and experience – specifically raised, managed, and sold 32 species of plants.
  • Grew vegetables to send to schools in nearby counties while teaching students about hydroponics and growing microgreens.
  • Served as a member and in various leadership roles as a 4-H and FFA member to include acting as a Representative on the Georgia State 4-H Board of Directors.
  • Participated in project competitions, became a Health Rocks!® Ambassador, and participated in state poultry judging competitions.

Special Study Interests: 

  • The different philosophies concerning land use, innovative farming techniques, and hands-on experience with a variety of agricultural methods.
  • Being able to see how different countries address farming issues; experience the different growing environments of Germany; and focus on/gain insight on the economic and political impacts on German agriculture.
  • How the German government is involved, both directly and indirectly, in agriculture.


  • Floriculture
  • Traveling/networking, volunteering
  • Cooking
  • Outdoor recreation/tennis
  • Learning new skills

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