Foreign Exchange Program


Raine Esparza

IFYE 2023 Outbound Raine Esparza

IFYE 2023 Outbound Raine Esparza

Texas to Thailand (Fall)

Current Status/Future Goals:

  • Graduating August 2023 with Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environmental Science and a minor in Sustainable Agriculture and Community Food Systems. 
  • Long-range Goal: To work for the government or a consulting firm in habitat restoration and preservation. 

Previous International Experience(s): 

  • 2022/2023 - Germany visiting previous exchange students.
  • 2017 - Tourist to France, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Ag-Related Experience(s):

  • University of Kentucky (UK) Entomology Lab Assistant and Entomoloy Teaching Assistant.
  • University Plant and Soil Research Assistant.
  • UK BeeKeeping Club – assisted in hive inspections and demonstrations.
  • UK Horticulture Club
  • Sustainability Center Intern (San Antonio, TX) – urban farm maintenance and yard work.

Other Experience(s): 

  • MANRRS Sustainability Council Representative.
  • MANRRS member.


  • Fiction writing, reading
  • Martial arts (Taekwondo)
  • Electric bass
  • Nature photography, hiking

Click the video play button below to meet IFYE 2023 Outbound, Rain Esparza, as she describes her interests, education, goals and her fascination with sustainable agricultural practices. She's excited about her upcoming trip to Thailand!

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