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Meghan O'Reilly

IFYE 2023 Outbound Meghan O'Reilly

IFYE 2023 Outbound Meghan O'Reilly

Ohio to Taiwan (Summer) and Zambia (Fall)

United Soybean Board (USB) Representative

Current Status/Future Goals:

  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design.
  • Entrepreneur and owner of Designs by Meghan (graphic design).
  • Long-term goal of being a freelance designer focusing on using design to develop stronger connections between agricultural producers and consumers.

Previous International Experience(s): 

  • Family has hosted Japanese LABO participants. .
  • 4-H International Exchange participant to Finland and Estonia.
  • Ohio 4-H Cultural Immersions program to Puerto Rico.

Ag-Related Experience(s):

  • Operation of family grain farm and feed mill.
  • 4-H Advisor, Member, Club Officer, State Ambassador for numerous years.
  • Active in Farm Bureau as Board Member and multiple officer positions.


  • Hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, exploring
  • Drawing, reading

Click the play button below to meet Meghan O'Reilly, a 2023 Outbound Representative. Meghan shares her background, the types of crops grown on her family's farm, her involvement in 4-H as well as her education, future goals and what she hopes to learn during her time in Taiwan and Zambia. Meghan also mentions that her dad was an IFYE 30 years ago!

Read Meghan O'Reilly's article about her experience sitting in on an international business meeting with the owner of Schwartz Farms in Cortland, Ohio, and his direct buyer of food grade soybeans in Taiwan, Mr. Lin.

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