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Landmarks in Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Map

About Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom and is situated in the northeast of the island of Ireland. It was created as a separate legal entity on May 3, 1921 under the Government of Ireland Act 1920.

The country is composed of 26 districts, derived from the boroughs of Belfast and Londonderry and the counties of Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, and Tyrone. Together, they are commonly called Ulster and the country is slightly larger than Connecticut. It is also separated from the Republic of Ireland by a three-hundred-mile-long artificial boundary.

The economy of Northern Ireland is based on manufacturing and agriculture which benefits from rich farming soil. With 29,000 farmers, agriculture contributes to manufacturing through processing of livestock (beef, sheep, and some pig) and dairy products. Also, the agri-food industry turns over more than £4.5 billion every year and supports one in eight jobs in the UK.  Northern Ireland's principle industries are textiles, shipbuilding, and engineering.

Although part of the UK government, certain powers are transferred to the country in devolved government.

What to Expect:


Katie (2015 IFYE) mentions that "Northern Ireland is known for its castles, glacial valleys, and religious monuments. The capital city, Belfast, is home to the political history of the 20th century “Troubles” conflict and the Titanic Museum. I took a trip to Belfast to visit the Titanic Museum, Giants Causeway (County Antrim), and some museums that beautifully presented Ireland’s history and the hardships of “The Troubles”. 


 "During my visit, I stayed with host families from Fermanagh, Maghera, and Donaghadee and

  • was able to help with farm chores, milk cows, and got a first-hand look into the unique lifestyles of each host family,
  • tried several new foods and even helped with the cooking,
  • tasted different foods such as soda bread and “mustard” (which is not the same as mustard in America that I am used to),
  • shared some of my recipes from home with my host families, and
  • made new friends through different social Young Farmers events like the Young Farmers BBQ.

 "I hope you will get the opportunity to visit Northern Ireland to experience its rich history and learn about this great culture!  Safe and Happy Travels!"



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