Ways to Give

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                                          Thank You - Financial Supporters of IFYE

2020 was a very successful year for fundraising among the ranks of IFYE Alumni and friends of IFYE. Three hundred three (303) donors contributed $207,952 for the IFYE program. This amount includes the Organizational Capacity Campaign (OCC), periodic giving, memorials and in honor of, and the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) that was conducted beginning mid-August - December 2020. These contributions play a major role in sustaining the IFYE program and allowing us to continue to provide today’s young adults with a valuable and unique experience in international understanding and global awareness.

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that we say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who contributed in 2020. We hope that you will continue to help sustain IFYE with your annual contributions and encourage other IFYE alumni and friends of IFYE to do likewise

Listed below are the names of those who contributed (minus the names of those who requested to remain anonymous) depicted by level of giving as shown here:  
                                                   Bronze: $10 - $99                                             Platinum: $1000 - $4999
                                                   Silver: $100 - $499                                           Diamond: $5000 and above
                                                   Gold: $500 - $999

Thank You again for your faithful support of IFYE!!!


Gene and Johnita Baumgardner
Joy Bickford
Don Dillman
Linda Eppelheimer
Ann Hertz 
Mary "Peg" Hoffman
Allan Johnson


W. Lewis and Rosalie Leigh
Marjorie Loyd
Dr. Robert H. Miller
Patti Jo Price
Steven  Schomberg
Elizabeth (Betty) Stephenson


Agricultural Retailers Association
Elizabeth (Liz) Carlson
Richard Christopher III
Clifton Foundation Inc.
Lisle Cook
Don DeWeese
Joan Eyerman
Margaret Foster
Ann Foley Gardner
Wilfred Groves III
Elnore Grow
Lad Harrison
Richard Isaacson
Robert and Nicki Jenkins
Cleo D. Kottwitz
Peg J. Lakin
Dr. Barbara Maidment
Jeannine Michael
James Morgan
Hannah Nordby
Keith Olsen

  Carolyn Olson
Gunver K. Penton-Lodge
Harlen Persinger
Trudy Peterson
Rudolph K. Schnabel
Susan Schoneweis
Wayne Shull
James P. Tobin
   and Virginia E. Heagney
Denise Tolmie
Wesley Tschetter
Laurel Vicklund
Betty Vollmar
Steven White
Janet Wood
Norma Wu
Frank Wyatt
Dale and Crystal Yonker
Lola Zumbrunnen
Anonymous (4)

Nancy Allen
CCI Marketing
Patrick Corcoran
Karen Cross
Garneita (Neita) Frank
Toni Frank
Prudence Holton
Carolyn R. Knowles
Alan Lambert
Sharon Lee
Joanne Matala
Nancy Maxwell-Rich
Ernst and Janice Mehl

  Bonnie Mielke
Susan Morris
Nancy Schmidt
Harry L. Stephens
Tom and JoAnn Trail
Thomas Trout
United Soybean Board
Victoria Fehrmann Warren
Ray and Nancy William
Elaine Wolff
Mark Zeug
Anonymous (2)
  Gordon Adkins
Marylen Anderson
Aldean Banker
Cindy Barnett
Gloria Bartholomew-Nelson
Barbara Jo Batie
Margery A. Bayless
Michael Beahm
Evelyn Beavers
Cathy Behm
Judy Bell
William Bohl
Elna Bragdon
Judy Bramlette
Tamara (Tami) Briggs
Dr. Patricia Brown
Mary Lou Buchele
Susan Cammack
Maureen Cook
Charleen and Ed Copeland
Carol Cumber
Phyllis Debnar
Richard Dodson
Donna Drake
Ronald Droscha
Ruth Drummond
Carolyn Duclos
Donna Dunn
William and Jane Edwards
Linda Eilks
Jewell Deene Ellis
Robert Ellis
Lynette Ely
Karen Engle
Ronald Faas
Anne Fournier
Delbert and Anona Frericks
Connie L. Fukudome
Marilyn Geiger
Ken Gordon
Roseann Hahn
Alice R. Hamilton
Larry Hancock
Carolyn Hansen
Julie Hassebroek
Katherine Haule
Karla Henderson
Marge Hennenfent
Martha Hikes-Albin
Nancy B. Hofstetter
Kraig Humbaugh
Anna Lou Hunziger
Theodore Hutchcroft
Patricia Hutsell
David and Jo Lynne Johnson
Sandra Jones-Stanicek
Elizabeth Kleckner
Helen E. Koehler
June Kraft
Larry J. and Sharon E. Kuntz

Alan and Christy Ladd
Patrice Ladd
Lyda Lanier
Genevieve Lervik
June Lloyd
Ron Martin
McLean Co 4-H Alumni
    Timeless Clovers
Jane M. Moody
Betsy and Larry Moore
Karen Mosteller
Nyla Musser
Sally Ann Narhi
Network for Good
Barbara and Charles Oldham
Margaret (Peggy) Olsen
Jo Ann Ostwald
Howard Parks
Roger and Sue Pine
Linda and John Poehlmann
Dwight Quisenberry
Tracy Remy
Shelly (Nachelle) Richard
Janet Rodekohr
C. Albert Sabin
Allaire Schlicher-Beutner
Carmen Schulze
Don F. Seaman
Roger Sherer
Donn Smith
Leah Smith
Joelle Snyder
Somerset PA IFYEs
Cecil Spooner
Mary Steinberg
Wanda B. Stephens
Mary Stevens
Reginald Stroud
David Sturgis
Leon and Elizabeth Sucht
Elizabeth (Betty) Sweet
Tom and JoAnn Trail
Verla Vogts
Mildred Volungis
Curtis Wallace
Margaret Walshe
Roger Walston
Susan Walters
A. Joseph and Claudia Warner
Andrew and Becky Waugh
Michael Wengryn
Patricia Wenning
John Westcott
Jilinda White
M. Brooks and Mary Rose Whitney
August Williams
Mark Wilson
Madeleine Wojciechowski
Geraldine Woodruff
Anonymous (14)

  Joann Amend
Don Anderson
Emily Bancroft
Debra Beck
Linda Beech
Patricia Berkshire
Georgene Bordeaux-Bender
Marcus (Mark) Bordsen
Hunter and Virginia
Charles Carlson
Carolyn L. Clague
Ann Clark
Dale and Sherry Conrad
Rhonda May Coyle
Anna Creamer
Charles Davis
Michele E. Dubois
Kenneth Farner
Renee Favo
Cheryl Gerber
Rosalee Gould-Wheeler
Margaret A. Hansen
Willidea Hansen
Irlene Huntington
Betsy Inkel
Molly Kalany
Carleen Kurimski

Dawne Ladeas
Karen Lambert
Farron Light
Beth Lomkin
Debra Marple
Sara McDonnell
Loren Miller
Margaret Mukherjee
Suzanne Neufang
Sharon Nilsen
Marc Oudin
Betty Lou Painter
Gordon Patty
An Peischel
Jeanne (Jean Anne) Rider
Betty Jean Sawyers
Barbara Schreier
Marvin Carl Schulz
Rose Mary Smith and Family
Elizabeth Somers
John Stitzlein
Patricia Sullivan-Schroyer
David Taylor
Phyllis Torrey
Sheryl Wagner
Deryl Waldren
Janet Walkup
Anonymous (3)

Donations listed above include those made In Memory and In Honor of
the following individuals

Ruth Drummond
Ron and Melanie Warfield

Credon Bixler
Betty (Morgan) Bruce
C. Lee Calhoun
Margaret (Dial) Dawson
Zachary Duclos
Gerald (Jerry) Grooms
Deborah Kay Harrison
Joel Hertz
William Lamm
Amanda (Tumm) Lee
Thomas Maust (Maast)
J.J.M. van Oeveran
Earl Peace
W. Francis Pressly
David and Bernice Schoneweis
Kamala da Silva