Ways to Give

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                                          Thank You - Financial Supporters of IFYE

2019 was a very successful year for fundraising among the ranks of IFYE Alumni and friends of IFYE. Two hundred fifty-nine (259) donors contributed $237,038 for the IFYE program. This amount includes the Organizational Capacity Campaign (OCC), periodic giving, and the Annual Giving Campaign (AGC) that was conducted during November and December. These contributions play a major role in sustaining the IFYE program and allowing us to continue to provide today’s young adults with the valuable and unique experience that we had “a few years ago.”

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that we say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who contributed in 2019. We hope that you will continue to help sustain IFYE with your annual contributions and encourage other IFYE alumni and friends of IFYE to do likewise

Listed below are the names of those who contributed (minus the names of those who requested to remain anonymous) depicted by level of giving as shown here:  
                                                   Bronze: $10 - $99                                             Platinum: $1000 - $4999
                                                   Silver: $100 - $499                                           Diamond: $5000 and above
                                                   Gold: $500 - $999

Thank You again for your faithful support of IFYE!!!

  Joy S. Bickford
Lewis (Lew) Bordeaux
Elizabeth H. and Arthur Deisher
Don DeWeese
Mary E. Denny
Don Dillman
Ann Hertz (in memory of husband, Joel)
Larry and Janet Hiller
Mary "Peg" Hoffman

Larry Holbein/Luster Leaf Products
Allan S. Johnson
Rosalie and Lewis W. Leigh, Jr.
Robert H. Miller
Harlen J. Persinger
Patti Jo Price
Steven F. Schomberg
Elizabeth L. Stephenson
Elaine Watson

  Agricultural Retailers Association
John Bonner
Margaret E. Bower
William (Brad) Bradley
Clifton Foundation Inc.
Anna L. Creamer
William and Jane Edwards
Joan Eyerman
Farm Credit Services of Mandan (North Dakota)
Margaret L. Foster
Ann Gardner
Gerber Foundation
Bev Greenwood
Wilfred Groves III
Bev Hain
Prue and Ken Holton
Illinois Corn Marketing Board
Richard Isaacson
Robert and Nicki Jenkins
Cleo D. Kottwitz
Peg J. Lakin
Barbara Maidment
Elaine Marshall
Nancy Maxwell-Rich
  Ernst and Janice Mehl
Missouri IFYE Alumni Association
James Morgan
Karen Murphy
Carolyn Olson
Ron Patrick
Gunver K. Penton-Lodge
Glade Presnal
Lois Revell
Heather Sample
Rudolph K. Schnabel
Sheri Swackhamer
James P. Tobin and Virginia E. Heagney
Wesley Tschetter
Turner Family Charitable Fund
Ron and Melanie Warfield
Victoria (Vicky) Fehrmann Warren
Steven White
Frank Wyatt
Norma Wu
Dale and Crystal Yonker
Barbara Zumbiel
Lola Zumbrunnen
Anonymous (6)
  Nancy Allen
Benevity Community Impact Fund, The
Vicky Bosworth
Karen Cross
Carolyn R. Knowles
Mary-Ball Massey
McLean County (Illinois) Cooperative
     Extension Foundation
Dale Miksch
Kenneth P. Offord
  James B. Pendleton
Nancy Schmidt
Harry L. Stephens
Irene and Burton B. Strong, Sr.
Denise M. Tolmie
Tom and JoAnn Trail
Janet Wood
Mark Zeug
Anonymous (1)
  Curtis W. Absher
Aldean Banker
James W. Barker
Margery A. Bayless
Judy Bell
Elna Bragdon
Maureen L. Cook
Patricia Cook
Margaret Ann Dawson
Phyllis Debnar
Donna Drake
Joyce Drewiecki
Mary Carlson
Sara Dady
Ronald F. Droscha
Jane Ebert
Lynette Ely
Anita Ernst
Ron Faas
Keith D. Ferris
John Baird Foree
Anne Fournier
Connie Francis
Garneita Frank
Delbert Frericks
Sharon Fritz
Connie L. Fukudome
Eula Mae Goodfellow
Elizabeth Gorham
Harlan Grosz
Alice R. Hamilton
Larry Hancock
Carolyn Hansen
Barbara K. and Len Harzman
Julie Hassebroek
Otto Havelka
Karla Henderson
Nancy B. Hofstetter
Sandra Hostetler
Kraig Humbaugh
Patricia Hutsell
David and Jo Lynne Johnson
Judy A. Johnson
Ted and Gretchen Johnson
Bruce and Julia Knight
Helen E. Koehler
Jan R. Kolb
June Kraft
  Larry J. and Sharon E. Kuntz
Alan and Christy Ladd
Alan Lambert
Paul Langseth
Erin Lawlor
Paul Lemieux
Urania Belle Linn
Carrie Lyter
Joanne M. Matala
Alice C. Matonic, Estate
Harriet McIntosh
Jane M. Moody
Susan K. Morris
Carol Morrison
Karen Mosteller
Dessie Moxley
Susan Murphy
Sally Ann Narhi
Gloria Bartholomew Nelson
Suzanne Neufang
Barbara and Charles Oldham
Margaret Olsen
One Holland Corporation
Howard Parks
Dave Phillips
Linda and John Poehlmann
Janet Rodekohr
C. Albert Sabin
Donald F. Schwartz
Don F. Seaman
Don and Holly Shoop
Donn Smith
Leah Smith
Joelle Snyder
Mary Steinberg
Wanda B. Stephens
Kathleen Stroud
Bernard Henry Stumpe, Estate
Leon Sucht
Curtis Wallace
Andrew and Becky Waugh
Michael Wengryn
Patty and Jim Wenning
John Westcott
M. Brooks Whitney
Gerri Woodruff
Beverly Wright
Roger Wurst
Ann Zurmuehlen
Anonymous (9)
  Nancy M. Abicht
Alicia Acken
Don R. Anderson
John Aylsworth
Emily Bancroft
Cynthia E. Barnett
Cathy Behm
Max Benne
Patricia Berkshire
Beverly B. Boesch
Jennifer Boruch
Penny Bowman
Jessica Braxton
Carolyn L. Clague
Michael D. Coates
Sherry Conrad
Dennis Dalton
Don DeWerff
Michele E. Dubois
Lawrence A. Fenske
Cheryl Gerber
Joaquin Granados
Rita Greene
Margaret A. Hansen
Sharon L. Heck
Rodney L. Henderson
Randall Hertz
Rausie and David Hobson
Nancy Honig
Tawn Howe
  Terry H. Jaspers
Yvonne M. Jones
Elizabeth Kleckner
Cathy Kunkel-Mains
Barbara Jean Larson
Marion County (West Virginia) 4-H
     Leaders Association
Judy Moenck
Nyla Musser
Network for Good
Jean Owen
An Peischel
Aline Nelson Phillips
Gertie Reichard
Jared Retzlaff
Betty-Jean Sawyers
Gerald Schopf
Margaret Schultz
Roger A. Sherer
Katherine H. Stirling
Richard Stujenske
Dan Swain
Lon Swanson
David Taylor
Kyle Von Kamp
A. Joseph Warner
Patricia Weingart
Marilyn Wyler
Deryl Waldren
Anonymous (3)