Upcoming Conferences

PRE-CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES (1970 50th Anniversary Reunion)

Greetings, 1970 IFYEs (Reps, YDPs, Travel Seminar participants, etc.) and friends

We invite all 1970 IFYEs to join us in Branson, Missouri at the National IFYE Conference to celebrate our 50th Anniversary!!! 

Can it be true that it has been 50 years since we went on our international program??

For further information on these celebration events, please feel free to contact:
Email: bevbikr@msn.com
Cell: 309-830-4810
104 Cornell Dr
Normal IL 61761-1919

GET TOGETHER (Evening - Wednesday, September 09, 2020 at 6 PM) 
If you wish to join us for the evening, we will be meeting at 6 PM in the hotel lobby to go to dinner (presently planned for the hotel), and after enjoy further fellowship/gathering/memories. Although there is no registration for this event, it would be helpful if you could let us know if you plan to join us so that we can plan on giving the restaurant a number close to what we might have join in this informal get together. Thanks. (A place for indicating such is included on the registration form, but no fee is attached - you will be responsible for paying for your own purchase(s) on this event.)

BRUNCH (Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM)
We invite all 1970 IFYEs to join us in Branson, Missouri at the National IFYE Conference to celebrate our 50th Anniversary!!! We have arranged for our group to meet on Thursday, September 10th at the Conference Hotel at 10:00 AM for a brunch and program with time left for visiting after the program. The cost of the brunch will be $35.  Anyone interested in visiting with the 1970 IFYE group is welcome to sign up for the brunch and enjoy the program!  There is a spot to register for this meal/get-together on the conference registration form.

Sharing Memories:

(A)  We hope to have an area set up for artifacts, photos, photo albums, etc. during the conference.  Please label your items so that people understand what the items are and maybe, why you decided to bring them home with you!!! (We hope to be able to set up these artifact tables after the brunch and before dinner on the 10th.) 

(B) ALSO, when you get up to tell your story, it would be nice to view some photos of your specific IFYE experience.   Could you please send Bev Hornickel 

  • 1-5 IFYE memory photos 
  • Your Name, which state you were from at the time of your trip, and your host country. In addition, describe yourself, including 7-10 descriptive words. For example: “Open-minded, Daring, Adventurous, Empathetic, Trusting, Trustworthy, Logical) Please send to Bev at:  bev_hornickel@msn.com. I will then put the photos in a power point to show at our brunch.    Deadline to receive: August 31, 2020.
  • It would be best if you could email these to me (Bev) as jpgs.  NOTE: If you have questions on how to do this, please contact me. Thanks. In addition, If you want to send your slides to me to convert to JPEG, include a self addressed stamped envelope. 

On the conference registration information, you will find an item for making a donation through the 1970 IFYE reunion event toward the Outbound IFYE Program. This donation will be acknowledged to you and will be designated as part of this overall 1970 donation to the OUTBOUND IFYE PROGRAM.  It would be great if we could donate $10,000 with all of us donating toward the cause - giving what you can!

There is a line on the registration form for your donation so that it is all taken care of before you even leave home!!! Even if you are unable to come to the conference, there is a place designated for making donations for such as you.


  • If you are planning to attend conference as a full time or part time participant, please plan to make your desired contribution as part of that registration. You may also use SUPPLEMENTAL if you did not choose this action when making your initial registration.
  • Even if you cannot attend any part of the conference, you will be able to make a donation at this point.  For those of you not participating in conference but wishing to make a donation toward this fundraising project, please return to main conference page and choose the Non-Attendance Conference Donation link to donate so that your contribution(s) will be listed appropriately:
  • If you do not donate by AUGUST 31, 2020 and still wish to do so before the end of conference (whether attending conference or not),  there is another way that you will be able to donate to this specific fund. Information on this will be available after the deadline.