Foreign Exchange Program

IFYE Representative Evaluation

Now that you have returned from your IFYE exchange, it is important that we take a little time to evaluate your experience. This will give the IFYE Association insight into the benefits of the exchange as well as how it affected you and your outlook.

Please respond to the questions below by checking the answer that reflects your experience or by typing in a response. Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Relationship with Host Family

My host families were open and accepting
I felt comfortable with my host families
My host families shared their culture and community with me
I participated in host family activities
I shared my culture with my host families
I will continue to keep in contact with my host families

Personal Growth

I grew in the areas below due to my exchange trip experience:

Communication skills
Understanding my character
Understanding how to work on my goals
My beliefs in the differences and similarities in cultures were challenged
I am more sensitive to cultural differences
I pay more attention to global events
I have reevaluated my career choices because of this experience

IFYE Organization

The exchange experience agreed with what was explained to me
The IFYE orientation prepared me for the adjustment needed for a different culture and lifestyle
I will recommend the IFYE Program to my friends

Additional Questions

Thank you for your input. It will help us develop and strengthen the program in the future for upcoming IFYE representatives.